Sunday, 13 March 2011

072/365 – What's In Bloom

Flowers I came across on my walks this week.

072 Daffodil 2

072 Daffodil

There were loads of daffodils in bloom at Windsor Great Park as we walked through the Valley Garden. Goodness knows what people thought of me lying on the ground to get these two shots.

072 Heather

072 Heather 2

In The Valley Garden there is a Heather Garden and it was beautiful and full of color.

072 Sunday blossoms

072 Sunday blossoms 2

072 Sunday blossoms 3

These blossoms are from earlier in the week. Texture added to the top shot.

072 Sunday bloom

This was from the same walk as the blossoms shots. I am not sure what this is. It looks like an anemone but not sure. I hope they are still in bloom when I go for another walk as I would love to get a better shot.