Saturday, 12 March 2011

071/365 – A Saturday Walk

Today the hubs and I took a 3 1/2 hour walk in Windsor Great Park. It was a nice day weather wise. Some sun and clouds warmish temps too. We then had a yummy lunch at the Toby Carvery where I indulged in chocolate fudge cake with ice cream.

071 Pond Reflection

The Obelisk Pond.

071 Bridge

A bridge we cross to get around Virginia Waters Lake.

071 Water

This photo is no where near correct and well some would consider it a bad shot. I share it because of this. I shot this handheld. Slow shutter speed to get the flowing water. I did not take a tripod nor did I take my polarizer filter. It was some what cloudy but still a bit bright. For all that I don’t think it is THAT bad. Is it???

071 Pine Cone

Now who would have thought some still life shots outside. I did that's who. LOL. I came across a wooden bench and thought it would make some nice texture for still life. So I started looking around and found a pine cone. I added my Dusty Charcoal texture to this one and the one below.

071 Rock 2

Then I found a rock…

071 Rock

… which I used twice.


I know I said I would be saying no more about my brother but want to bring this to the attention of any of you who live in Tennessee. One of the men responsible for my brothers death will be on American Most Wanted tonight. At least that is what I have been told. So PLEASE watch. We need him caught and brought to justice.