Thursday, 10 March 2011

069/365–Getting Through the Day

First off I want to thank you all who commented on my post yesterday. I also want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Please keep them prayers coming. Because, today my brother is still missing. Today I am trying to do things as normal. I got up at my usual time (7am), pleased to say that I slept more than I did the night before. I had breakfast at my usual time (8:30am). I then got ready and went and caught the bus to Twickenham. I had a walk along the River Thames. I had my camera. It almost felt normal, ALMOST. My husband came with me. I am glad he did. He is my strength at the moment. I took quite a few pictures as usual. But, only chose this one for today. Came upon this at Richmond Bridge. It is a window sill to what I believe is a cafe.

068 On the Window Sill