Tuesday, 8 March 2011

067/365 – Frost

I got up earlier today as I knew there was going to be some frost. I have never shot frost and have been wanting too. So after breakfast I set off on my walk with the camera. Walked through a park along my route. Apart from it being a bit on the chilly side the sun was shining. It was a good walk. All shot with my 105mm macro.

067 Frost Macro

Macro of frost on a park bench .

067 Frosty

Texture added.

067 Frosty Leaf

Texture added.

I am not overly excited about any of these shots. Really wish I had thought of carrying the tripod with me. That may have made a difference. Who knows. But the tripod isn’t exactly a light thing to carry around on a walk. So a question.. how often do you use a tripod?