Monday, 7 March 2011

066/365 – Morning Light

I so wished I had known how beautiful the morning was going to be. Because I would have gotten out of bed earlier to catch the early morning light. I missed it by about an hour or so. Bummer! The hubs took me to Bedfont Lakes for my walk this morning before we went and did some grocery shopping. It was absolutely gorgeous. A tad cold but not much wind. The sun was shining!!

066 Sun

Shot with 28mm

I just love to capture the sun.

066 Lake Reflection 1

Shot with 28mm

One of the lakes. Loving the reflections and color.

066 Lake Reflection 2

Shot with 28mm

Same lake as above just from a different view point. I cropped this to panorama. I wanted the colorful reflections and the reed reflections.

066 Reed Reflection

Shot with 105mm

Natures natural art… I been trying to get a shot like this for ages.

066 Back lit Swan

Shot with 105mm

Back lit swan.

066 Front lit Swan

Shot with 55-200mm at 70mm

Front lit swan.

Could be same swan as above. Not for sure. Different part of another lake but by time I got around to this part it could have made its way to that side.

066 Quack Quack

Shot with 55-200mm at 200mm

Lastly we have this duck enjoying the morning sun.

Will catch up on your blogs later today.