Sunday, 6 March 2011

065/365 – Time for a Rest

Today I feel tired. My body says it is time for a rest. So no walking today. I chose for my day 65 some of the other things I saw on my walk yesterday. Now when I say things I of course mean flowers and buds. Apart from the first two which is not a flower or a bud. All of these were shot with my 105mm lens.

065 Fuzzy 2

065 Fuzzy

I am not sure what this is or was or used to be. It is now a fluffy/furry seed head. I saw these a couple of times. The wind made it difficult to get a decent shot. These were the best I could do.

065 Magnolia Bud

A Magnolia bud? Can’t wait until these are in full bloom.

065 Grape Hyacinth

A grape hyacinth with some texture added.

065 Camillia

A camellia. There was a camellia festival at Chiswick house but you had to pay £5 to get in and I am cheap and this one was outside for free.

065 Orange

Hmm.. no clue what this is. It was in a window box outside of a pub. Texture added.

065 Pink

Once again no idea. I REALLY should learn my flowers. Texture added.