Thursday, 3 March 2011

062/365 – Spring Blossoms and a Bird too

More shots from my walk yesterday. Boy am I glad I chose to go yesterday to Richmond and not today. It is rather cold out with the wind. BRRR it was a cold walk this morning.

First up we have a Ring-necked Parakeet. These live in the wild here. No one is sure how they became to inhabit the southern part of England. Some say they were released others say they escaped. Which ever they have since flourished and there is a growing population. I only got a chance for these two shots. And of course I blew the sky however, this created a high key effect which I rather like.

062 Ring Necked Parakeet 2

062 Ring Necked Parakeet

A closer up shot of the blossoms.

062 Blossoms 2

The daffodils are everywhere now. So you will be seeing more of these as I come across them.

062 Daffodil

Another blossom with texture.

062 Blossom

I thought I knew what this was yesterday and now I cannot remember. OH DEAR!! Texture added.

062 Blossoms