Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Went for my walk this morning but, I didn’t feel like taking the camera out with me today. So that meant finding something at home to shoot for my 365. Using the TV as a background and light from the window I picked various items to shoot. I started off with the spools of thread. I added texture to both of these. The single green spool of thread is my fave out of these two.

060 Threads

060 Green Thread

This is a fabric daffodil that I got when I donated to the Marie Curie cancer charity at the grocery store. Once again I added a texture.

060 Daff

Now the rest of these have no texture added. The subject is one of those silver ball chains. Not sure what they are called though. LOL The first one is the only one the TV was used for a background. The other two are the table top.

060 Bokeh Chain 3

060 Bokeh Chain 1

060 Bokeh Chain 2