Monday, 7 February 2011

February Texture Set

Best name I could come up with for these. They do not have individual titles just numbers. I do not like coming up with titles LOL. Once again if you click the picture you can download all of them in a .zip file via Google docs. If there is any problem with this please let me know. They are also available individually on my Flickr in the textures set.

I usually do a preview image of each texture. But this time decided to skip that step since I have been using these for a while. Although number 4 was created today so I have not used that one. Hope you all find these useful.

0 Feb Texture Set

My textures are free for you to use all I ask is that you give me credit when it is used. Do Not pass off as your own work, put into a collection or offer it for download on your blog, website or any other place on the internet.

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