Sunday, 27 February 2011

058/365 – Random Sunday

Those of you that have been around a while know that I usually spend my Sunday resting and relaxing. Well today that changed. Woke to a beautiful morning. Sunshine and blue skies. Debated on rather or not to go out for a walk. Made the decision to go out after breakfast. Once again it was a walk along the River Thames. All of these were shot with my 105mm.

This shot I like but do think maybe I could have shot it with a different composition. Maybe from the side. Hopefully it will be there when I go back for another walk and I can try it that way.

058 Boat

Wished I could have gotten closer to these chains for more detailed shot.

058 Chains

I will go back and try a shot with my 28mm and hope I can get the whole church in the shot.

058 Cross

Marble Hill House. Want to go back and shoot this in better light.

058 Marble Hill House

Hope your Sunday is a good one!!