Wednesday, 23 February 2011

054/365 – A Rainy Day

Hey, guess what? It is raining AGAIN!! Booo!! I don’t mind clouds. I don’t mind rain either as long as it stops when I want to go out and DO something. Like this morning. My plan was for my hubs to drop me off at one of our local parks, and then he was going to go do a bit of grocery shopping. He is just the best!! But alas it was raining so that scuppered my plans. So what to shoot for my 365. Hmmm… As I was waiting for my hubs so we could go to the store I grabbed my camera and stepped out the front door and started shooting the moss that grows on the bricks. Yes, a subject I have shot in the past but not when it is raining. I also added some texture. I just can’t stay away from textures. Very addictive. Is there a support group somewhere for that addiction? I just may need one. LOL

054 Rainy Day in a Macro World

054 Rainy Day in a Macro World 2

054 Rainy Day in a Macro World 3

054 Rainy Day in a Macro World 4