Monday, 21 February 2011

052/365 – Macro Monday with Texture

Today I debated rather to take the camera out with me on my walk OR find something at home to shoot. Decisions decisions. At the last minute I decided to take camera with me and have a wonder through the park to see what I could find. I found all sorts of things. I took lots of shots. 200+ shots later and all I got to show for it are these 6 images. REALLY?? Yes, REALLY!! Why?? The wind is the answer. Yep, it was windy and when it is windy it is very hard to shoot close up/macros. These were the best of the lot. I have added texture for a bit more oomph, if ya know what I mean.

052 Macro Monday 1

052 Macro Monday 2

052 Macro Monday3

052 Macro Monday 4

052 Macro Monday5

052 Macro Monday6