Sunday, 20 February 2011

051/365 – Random Sunday

Decided to make Sunday a day of random images. These were all taken last Saturday during my walk in London. That is all that they have in common though LOL. I know I have been using images from this past week for my 365 but really it cannot be helped. I took so many that I like and I just have to get them shared somehow. So instead of stressing about what to take a picture of I just picked some of my faves. My plan for next week (starting tomorrow) is to get a shot done everyday. I am so hoping I can stick to that!! I still have images from my walks this past week that I truly do not know when I will get around to sharing those. Guess I shall see where this week takes me. Happy Sunday!!

051 Random Sunday 3

051 Random Sunday 2

051 Random Sunday

051 Random Sunday  4