Monday, 7 February 2011

038/365 – Opening Soon

Not much effort into todays picture. Seriously I just put the plant in the window, turned up my ISO and shot a few frames. Boom job DONE! This is the first year I have grown amaryllis. I did not plant this one, it was a gift from my sis in law at Christmas and it came already planted. I did plant one but obviously I did not plant it right as there is no bud on it at all but plenty of green leaves. Hey maybe something will come of it soon. Who knows. My green thumb is more like purple and truly surprised that the one has a bud on it at all.

Here is one side view of the opening bud…

038 Opening Soon

… and here is the view from the other side…

038 Opening Soon 2

…..and a shot with more of the stem.

038 Opening Soon 3

Hope your Monday is or has been a good one.