Friday, 4 February 2011

035/365- Indulgence

A little over a year ago I decided that it was time I lose weight. I was getting near 250 pounds. (YIKES) First thing I did was get up off my butt and MOVE. Yep I started walking. At first I walked indoors at home. I put my headphones on and would walk around the house for 40 minutes. Slowly increased this to 1 hour. This helped me to lose my first 10-20 pounds. But soon I got bored. I then moved onto the Wii. I used EA Active Sports more workouts and created a custom workout of mostly step aerobics. Add into that some rather long (10 miles being longest) walks on the weekends too. I am now walking at least 60 minutes 4 days sometimes more a week. Walking is just a term as I am now jogging some during those 60 minutes. Today I am weighing in at 175 pounds. An awesome achievement if I say so myself. Would love to lose another 30 this year.

However, it wasn’t exercise alone that helped me lose weight. It was counting calories I consumed too. I did this by using a website called my  My Fitness Pal was introduced to me by my niece Amy. She had started using the website at the beginning of 2010 and got fantastic results. When you start counting calories you realise just exactly how much one little item (ie a cupcake, candy bar, etc) can have in calories. It is ALOT for just one of those items. When I can have a whole meal for the same amount of calories I decided it was time to give up the sweets. Now don’t get me wrong I do have them… just in moderation. They are strictly treats and treats only. This past week has been a week for such treats. Last Saturday I had a piece of chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. It was delicious. BUT the good thing was I could not finish it all. Before I would have had the lot and wanting more. This to me is an achievement in itself. Then yesterday I REALLY needed/wanted some chocolate. So split a Cadburys Dairy Milk candy bar with my husband. Half was only 130 cals compared to 260 for the whole! And then today I bought some cupcakes. OH cupcakes what you do to me!!! I do not have a clue or could not even begin to guess what the calories are in said cupcake. But, I figured with the calories I have burned this week with walking it would not matter a whole heck of alot.  Even though I was sick for 2 days, I still burned so far this week 1,543!! THAT is a days worth of calories for me. These little treats this week were OK. Will I lose my typical pound this week? Probably not. Am I bothered by this. No I am not. There is always next week. I look at it this way, there is no way I am going the rest of my life without these delicious treats!! This is a lifestyle change NOT a diet!!

Anyway I just did a quick shot of my cupcake and cup of coffee (another indulgence for me during the winter months), for my day 35. Used the TV as the background, my 50mm lens at f1.8.

035 Indulgence