Thursday, 3 February 2011

034/365– Walk Along The River Thames

We had some beautiful sunshine today. When I saw the sun out this morning I knew I wanted to head out with my camera. Decided to get the bus to Richmond Upon Thames.  The traffic was horrible and was making a short trip rather time consuming. 1 hour later and we get to Twickenham. I decided that was good enough and took my walk along the river there as I was running out of time. Had to get home by 12.  These are my favorite shots from today. And this first one is my official number 034. This has had very little processing. The purple tint came from setting my white balance (I shoot RAW) to daylight in Lightroom. 

034 Morning Birds

Didn’t notice the name of this boat until I looked at it on the computer. Shot with my 55-200mm at 200mm. Not the greatest lens.

Bootle-Bum Trinket

034 BootleBumTrinket

I had a good wonder about walking here and there. At one point I wondered into a church yard. I just love churches. I wanted to include the cross from the World Wars memorial with part of the church. I added my aged texture to this.

034 Cross

Of course you can’t have a walk along the river without seeing some birds. Today the gulls were posing. I used a Lightroom preset on these called Hawaii Five-O (with a few tweaks) that I got from Lightroom Killer Tips.

034 Gull 1

034 Gull 2