Thursday, 6 January 2011

First Textures of 2011

Yesterday I decided to have a play with some shots of textures I had taken and came up with these. Same texture just different shades. I could not think of a name for them so posted on my Facebook Page asking if anyone could help with naming them. This morning I had a message on Flickr from one of my contacts (Dandelion Photo). She had seen my Facebook message and her husband had come up with some suggestions. Although I did not use his exact names he came up with but a variation there of so want to give him the credit. Thank you for the inspiration.

First off is the original shot. Just some usual processing on this no texture.

Winter Leaf Orig

Here is the same shot with each texture applied. On all of them the texture was used at 100% soft light layer.

Sample shots


Trying out Google Docs for downloading the set as a .zip file. Please let me know if this does not work. So click this image to download in one go..

Texture Group 12011

… or you can click each image below and save image as. These will be available for download on Flickr.

Aged   Dusty Charcoal

Old Leather   Misty Lavender

My textures are free for you to use all I ask is that you give me credit when it is used. Do Not pass off as your own work, put into a collection or offer it for download on your blog, website or any other place on the internet.

Please see the license. Creative Commons License

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