Sunday, 30 January 2011

030/365–Sundays are no good for this project

I struggle with my 365 on Sundays. Probably because all I want to do is relax, take it easy and not think to much. I am hoping once the warmer weather returns and the hubs and I get back to walking on Sunday mornings my 365 won’t be a pain in the rear. So for today, even though I took almost 90 shots, THIS is the only one that I liked. ONE shot for day 30. Tulips and Kiwi. Shot using natural light via the front room window. The second shot, pine cones in a window is one I got yesterday. Oh and tomorrow is self-portrait day. For those of you who remember at the beginning of this project I said I would take a self-portrait on the last day of every month. I can’t believe I said I would do that. But, I shall give it a whirl. Hope your Sunday is or has been a good one.

030 Tulips and Kiwi


030 Pine Cones