Saturday, 29 January 2011

029/365 - Butterflies

Had my first trip of 2011 to the RHS Garden at Wisley Surrey. This time of year they have butterflies in the glasshouse. Did not make it there last year to see them. But wanted to makes sure to get a trip in this year. They are there until 27 Feb so if you are in or live near the area be sure to visit. As well as the butterflies I found lots of pretty flowers to shoot too. Not outside, but inside the Alpine House and Glasshouse. I might just have to break my own 365 rules and share some other shots from today this week instead of taking a new shot on the day. Anyway on to the butterfly shots. Oh and if you missed it be sure to check out my Thank You All post from earlier today.

I had to set my ISO to 1600 for these so they were rather noisy. Thank goodness for noise removal tools. I tried to identify these from the sheet they were handing out. So if I got any wrong let me know.

029 Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides)


029 Great Mormon

Great Mormon (Papilio memnon)


029 Owl

Owl (Caligo memnon)


029 Scarlet Swallowtail

Scarlet Swallowtail (Papilio rumanzovia)


029 Tree Nymph1

029 Tree Nymph2

Tree Nymph (Idea Leuconoe)