Wednesday, 26 January 2011

026/365–A Natural Light Still Life and Yesterdays Walk

The object of the 365 project for me is to take a picture everyday. I usually take more than one though and that is the case when I go out for walks. BUT I still wanted to stick to the taking a photo a day. I bought some white tulips at the store this morning. I have some ideas of still life shots involving these tulips. For today I thought a quick shot of them using natural light only would do for my number 26. I also want to share some more shots from my walk yesterday. First lets take care of day 26…. oh and I just had to add texture. LOL

026 Natural Light Still Life


Now we return to yesterdays walk. I went to Bedfont Lakes for my walk. This used to be a landfill site that was landscaped in 1988 and turned into a country park. It has several lakes. Attracts lots of wildlife. And there is always something different to see. Like yesterday. I set off on my walk and turned the corner and what do I see but cows. Yep that is right some cows. Natural lawn mowers. LOL There were several of them but hard to get shots as there was some trees in the way. Here are two of the best ones I got.



Then there are always loads of birds. Ducks and swans on the lakes. I saw this robin in the tree. They tend to hide from me so always hard to get a good up close shot.


As I was heading back to the car the sun decided to shine. The light was wonderful. So had to stop and get a few more shots. I know you are not supposed to shoot into the sun. But I love to do it and capture some pretty sun flare.





There are still a few more shots from this walk. Will post those with Fridays 365.