Saturday, 22 January 2011

022/365–For the Birds… Take Number Two

This afternoon I yet again had the hubs detour to a park so I could get my shot for the day. And as always there isn’t just ONE. Nope no way can I pick just ONE so here is what I chose from my outing. It was a freezing cold wind too so I did not stay out long. My fingers were getting numb which made it difficult to operate camera. I will endeavour to ID these as best I can…

A Male Red-Crested Pochard

022 RedCrested Pochard Male

I do believe this one to be a Juvenile Female Mallard

022 JuvFemaleMallard

This group was heading to the other side. They heard someone was feeding the birds so they wanted their share. 022 Ducks

A napping Egyptian Goose

022 Egyptian Goose Nap

Egyptian Goose..

022 Egyptian Goose

Some sort of Gull not sure which sort.

022 Gull

another gull

022 Gull Landed

This one isn’t the worlds best shot. I share it as this is the best I have shot whilst panning. EVER!!! A technique to practice.

022 Gull flying