Friday, 21 January 2011

021/365 - To Texture or Not to Texture

Those of you who have been around my Flickr photostream and this blog for a while will know I just love adding textures to my images. Sometimes they add something to the image and other times the image is fine in its original state. Today I could not decide if these were better with or without a texture. In the end I went with texture on all but one of these. All taken indoors using OCF (off-camera flash) with shoot through umbrella. I used the same setup as I did on Wednesday, check out that post for a pull back shot.

Texture here is a new one. The set will be finished soon.

021 Little Things

Here I used Dusty Charcoal and a photo texture of some fabric.

021 Little Things3

This one has 2 layers of Misty Lavender.

021 Little Things2

I thought these two just needed a minimal amount of texture added. I used Dusty Charcoal on both. Soft Light layer.

021 Little Things5

021 Little Things4

No texture added on this one.


021 Spout

The watering can is a little thing. It came with a gift set to grow herbs. The bucket is also small. I got that some time ago at the garden centre. I thought it was cute and it does work so well for photos.