Thursday, 20 January 2011

020/365–For the Birds

Since we had to make a trip to the grocery store I talked the hubs into a little detour first. We went to a park we go walking at in the spring and summer. I took a walk and the hubs sat in the car and read. LOL. As we set off in the car it was rainy which aggravated me to no end. It wasn’t supposed to rain today!! Thankfully by time we got there and parked the car it had stopped. So off I went in search of my shot for the day. And you know I can never settle on just ONE shot so here are some pretty birds. Mostly swans. I didn’t think I would get any shots of the swans as they were on the other side of the lake. I had my 55-200mm lens on at the time but still no good shot. So photographed the gulls then decided to change to my 105mm lens and head back to the car and shoot macros along the way.  When I had done that and turned back around here came the swans. Figures! But I got some good shots with my 105mm anyway!!

Here they come..

020 For the Birds

As you can see they are still in the juvenile stage. Should be adults by summer though.

020 Swan

020 Swan2

020 Swan 2

I am sure they thought I was going to feed them and I would have IF I remembered to take some bread.


The gulls shot with my 55-200mm at 200mm.

020 Gulls

And lastly we have a robin. I was stalking him/her. Shot with 55-200mm at 200mm. Added texture.

020 Robin