Wednesday, 19 January 2011


After a lousy night of sleep. I did not feel up to a morning walk. Decided to stay in and get some other projects done. First I had to do my 019. Set up in the kitchen and started shooting some food. Of course being in a hurry I was bound to make mistakes and I did by leaving my ISO on 800. GRRRR!!! Note: ALWAYS check your ISO before beginning.

019 Bluebs 1

019 Eggs

019 Garlic

019 PeppersandToms

Here is a shot of my set up I used today. The background is a piece of foam board. The base and right side is the back of mounting boards. Hope that  makes sense. Flash set to 1/16.

019 Setup

Managed to get my other project complete too. Cleaned out the hubs wardrobe. Got rid of ALOT of stuff that is too big for him now. He was having a laugh trying things on and at how big they were.