Sunday, 16 January 2011

016/365– This and That, It’s a Sunday After All

Feeling tired and achy. I really did not want to do my 016. Didn’t feel like it at all. Thought about it and decided there was nothing for it but to see what I could come up with using OCF (off-camera Flash) and the trusty light box. Here are the results of my hour long session.

016 Color

A happy accident this one. My lens did not focus on the pens you see above and I kinda like it so processed it and sharing.

016 Blurry Color

My rings which fall off all the time since losing weight. They say my wedding ring cannot be resized due to the design.


Soap bubbles.

When I saw this on the camera I thought well that is going to be deleted. I thought it needed some color. But ya know I like it without color.

Soap Bubbles

Now for my rest and relaxation on a Sunday.