Friday, 14 January 2011

014/365–Today I Looked Up

Another cloudy rainy day. I decided to take the camera out on our (today the hubs was with me) walk anyway. When we started it had stopped raining and was thinking great I can get the camera out and get my shot for the day. But, along our way it started raining. GRRRR!!  It is not as if I can’t take pictures in the rain it is just I don’t want to get my camera wet LOL. By the time we got to the park it had stopped so managed to get some shots. And it did not start raining again until we got home. Since the weather is grey and icky I thought what better thing to do then to process these in black and white. Nothing special or overly creative here just some things I pass daily on my walk.

014 Looking Up 2

014 Looking Up

014 Looking Up 3

Wishing you all a happy weekend of shooting. Tomorrow I am out shopping and taking the camera along to get my 015 shot. So goodness knows what I will come back with.