Wednesday, 12 January 2011

012/365– H2O or Fun with a Light box

Rained all night so parks were going to be a muddy mess. Which was going to be my destination today to get my 012. However I did not feel like tromping around in the mud so opted for something at home and came up with using my husbands light box for something different to try.

First off for the official 012:

012 h2o

Glass of water in front of light box on a white piece of paper. Black line added for pic border. This image was highly edited to get a nice clean image.

Here are the two outtakes for number 12 (Marbles and a dish upside down both placed on the light box) I did not edit these as much as the other:

012 Marbles

012 Dish

Now to put thinking cap on for tomorrows 365.