Wednesday, 5 January 2011


After a frustrating 004 yesterday I have decided that I cannot let this project stress me out. It is not that kind of project. I will get to day 365. Some days there will be some good shots to choose from and others well they will be mediocre. I will just have to live with that. Today I once again shot at home. I did not go out for my usual morning walk. My body is shouting no no no you need a rest so that is what I am doing for today. If you call cooking and cleaning resting LOL. I chose to shoot this little bud that in all hopes will turn into a pretty hyacinth. Shot using natural light in my front room window. 105mm Macro lens and NO tripod. I should have got out the tripod and these would have no doubt been that much better.

Bud 2

005 Bud

And todays outtake. I share this for one reason only I LOVE the light. Some gorgeous light this morning shame I did not go out with camera.