Tuesday, 4 January 2011

004/365–Books on Photography

ARGH!!! Only 4 days into this project and I wanna give up already. I chose to try and do my 004 at home but am hopeless as to what to photograph. So I guess if I am going to succeed with this project I am going to have to get out everyday with my camera and find things to shoot. Spring and summer will no doubt be easier time to do this. Due to it staying lighter longer. It gets dark at 4pm this time of year. I would not feel safe on my own at night to go out with my camera so that is out of the question. I am so bummed right now about this project. So this shot of SOME of my books on the subject of photography is going to have to do for my 004. Lets hope tomorrow is a better day with this project.

Photog Books


And just because I like to have more than one photo at a time posted on my blog I will throw in these other shots from today that I just do not like. Not that I am all the keen on the book shot either. BLAH!!!


This shot taken from bedroom window.