Monday, 3 January 2011


Had to go out to do some grocery shopping this morning AND it is still a holiday here in the UK. Bank Holiday today since New Years Day fell on a Saturday. Anyway, I asked the hubs if he would mind stopping off at a local park (Bedfont Lakes) so I could see what I could find to get my number 3 shot for my 365. I ended up taking over 200 shots. Some of those are multiples of same subject because ya never know which one you going to like best. Goodness knows when I will get around to sharing some other shots from my little outing. It was cold out too. BRRRR!!

This started out as a portrait shot, I ended up cropping to square and changing to black and white. I like it so this is my official 003 shot.

003 Frozen

Same subject as above just a landscape shot with a little cropping and black and white processing.

003 Frozen 2

The sun was peaking out of the clouds when I took this and just love the light and color too.


I so wished I had taken my 55-200mm zoom lens with me. I would have loved to have gotten a closer shot of this poor duck just standing on the ice. Only had my 105mm Macro and 28mm lens with me. This was shot with 105mm and slightly cropped.