Sunday, 19 December 2010

My Weight Loss

With Christmas and the New Year quickly approaching I decided to share today my weight loss in 2010. I have lost between 55-65 pounds in the last year. Not sure of exact number as I cannot remember my heaviest weight. My weight loss regime has hindered my picture taking over the last year as I concentrated on walking for exercise as to walking and taking pictures. Hopefully in 2011 I can pick back up on my regular photography outings. I do want to lose another 30-40 pounds in 2011. I will get there in the end. Here is a before and after pic. The before pic is 2 years old as I could not find one from last year. But it does show the difference. Oh and I did this without dieting. Only counting calories and exercise increase. Not so much of the naughty stuff except as treats.




There will be a couple of blog posts this week then I will be closing out 2010 for the holidays. Until later this week. Have fun and be safe!!!