Monday, 15 November 2010

Portrait or Landscape

I often find myself taking many shots of the same subject. When I say many I do mean MANY!!! Sometimes so many that I have a hard time choosing which I like best. I also like to try various compositions in portrait and landscape. Here are two shots. One portrait composition and the other landscape. Of course that is obvious from the title of this post.

On a side note this new PC ROCKS. Of course it was built by my husband and he knows how to put together an awesome computer. Thanks honey!!! Also for those of you who use Windows Live Writer for writing your blog, which I do recommend it makes writing to your blog so easy. There is a new version out so update or go and download. Have a super Monday!!

I used my antique black and white texture on this first one.

Monday Bloom


This one has my tea stained texture.

Monday Bloom 2


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