Friday, 12 November 2010

New Textures

Had to do something creative this week so sat down at the PC and played with Photoshop. Made a new texture in 4 color variations. Named antique because I could not think of anything better and the first one looked antique-ish. That is so not a word!! LOL On to the textures.

First up here is samples of each texture on one of my shots:

New Textures Sample

Here is the original so you can get the idea of the effect they have:



I was hoping to offer these as one download as well as individual. However, when I went to test them on my Norton went crazy with attacks. So for now will leave the one download until I can find an alternative way. Just click on the image and then right click save.

Antique   Antique Black and White

                                                          Antique                                                                                Antique Black & White

Antique Cool   Antique Warm

                                                      Antique Cool                                                                                 Antique Warm

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