Monday, 1 November 2010

The Great Conservatory at Syon Park

As mentioned yesterday here are some shots of the Conservatory. First one is 4 photos stitched together for a panorama. With my HDR processing.

Great Conservatory

Please click on the picture for larger view.

Here is what is written on the Syon Park website about the Great Conservatory:

"Within the 200 acres of parkland designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown from the 1750s to 1770s, there are 40 acres of gardens and an ornamental lake. These gardens are renowned for their extensive collection of 200 species of rare trees.

The crowning glory of Syon Park's gardens is the Great Conservatory. The 3rd Duke of Northumberland commissioned Charles Fowler to build a new conservatory in 1826, the first of its kind to be built out of gunmetal, Bath stone and glass. It was originally designed to act as a show house for the Duke's exotic plants and inspired Joseph Paxton in his designs for the Crystal Palace."


As we were leaving the gardens for the day I noticed the sun shining through the dome. I so wished I would have stopped and took my time with this shot and got a better composition. I would have liked more of the light that is shining inside to be seen.

Great Conservatory sun

Some inside shots.

Great Conservatory dome

Great Conservatory Inside

Great Conservatory Inside2