Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Autumn along the River Thames

Saturday we had a wonderful 2 hour walk along the Thames. It was wet and muddy we even got caught in a rain shower. But it was enjoyable. By the time we headed back to the car park the sun come out and the day was beautiful. I HDR’d these shots. 1 RAW file processed 3 ways to complete the HDR effect. Some say this does not create a true HDR image. That you need to have 3 different exposures. But I say pish posh to that and this is the way I do my HDR. LOL

This first shot was when we first started off on our walk and it was rather cloudy as you can see by the shot.

River Thames HDR 2

This second shot was on our way back when the sun was shining and you got the pretty evening light happening.

River Thames HDR

Here is the above picture just done doing my normal processing. Not as interesting as the HDR one in my opinion. Nice shot yes but lacking something that the HDR brings forth.

River Thames Autumn