Thursday, 9 September 2010

Square crop, textures and my photo mojo…

… strange title. But truly it means something. First for the square crop and textures, as you will see all 3 of these shots I have cropped square. I like the square crop. It works on some photos. I have also added textures to these too. For fun. As for the photo mojo part. I am hoping to get my mojo back for taking photos by playing with shots from June. Yep, that is the last time I had the camera out and took some shots. Hoping to get to the RHS Garden in a weeks time. I wanna capture some flowers if there is any left to be shot. So stay tuned… now on to the photos.

Used my linen texture.

photo mojo

This one has a new texture.. new texture coming soon.

photo mojo 2

And here is my lightly worn texture. You can find all textures in the free textures section.

photo mojo 3