Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Fungi ~ A Fairies World ~

I have seen some awesome shots of fungi on flickr. I can never seem to find any. Well Saturday I stumbled upon a bit just under a tree in the open sunlight. While a coach full of tourist no doubt watching and wondering what I was lying on my tummy pointing my camera at, I manage 3 different shots. Are they as good as the ones I have seen? No way!!! I like them all the same. Because I shot them for one and for another I was excited to find some. LOL

The first shot.. was not pleased with the point of view.Its a Fairies World 2

The second shot… point of view better.Its a Fairies World 3

The third and final shot… closer and good point of view.Its a Fairies World 1

Next time I hope to spend a bit more time and work on composition etc.