Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Beautiful Sky Light


After days and days of clouds we finally got some beautiful sunshine this afternoon. Here is a shot of the sun 26 minutes before sunset taken at 4:12 (16:12). Today's sunset time was 4:38 (16:38)


Close to Sunset

This is how I saw it only changed the white balance, removed noise and sharpened the image. No added color or saturation.

This shot taken at 5:02 (17:02)

Airplane Contrail

Shot taken at 5:03 (17:03)

Aiplane and afterglow

Finally this taken at 5:10 (17:10)



After that shot the light show faded away to darkness. But I enjoyed the light show while it lasted!! Again I only adjusted the white balance, noise removal and sharpen in these shots. No added color or saturation!!!!