Saturday, 21 March 2015

Along The River

I love walking along the river Thames. There are many different areas you can walk, well actually you can walk the entire river if you wanted to, by going along the Thames path.
My hubby and I have walked different parts of it at different times. But my favourite place to go for a walk is Twickenham/Richmond area. I also love taking my camera along too as you are bound to find something interesting to shoot.

Row Boats Row Boater
Shot both of these scenes as I walked across Richmond Bridge.

These next shots were taken along the river at York House Gardens.
This female mallard duck was doing her morning beauty routine.
Mr and Mrs Mandarin Duck. Hoping they stay in this area and have little ducklings for me to see soon.
These Egyptian Geese were doing their morning bathing.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

I Found Spring

Of course while out with my camera the other day I did manage to find some signs that spring is almost here. There were plenty of blossoms in bloom and I took plenty of shots too.

Here are a few of them that I have processed. The hydrangea was on display outside a florist shop and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the beautiful shade of blue.

Cherry Blossom Diptych

Cherry Blossoms


Hydrangea used the Oil Paint filter in Photoshop on this one.

I Found Spring

Love those blossoms.

Garden View

I do love this view, York House Gardens

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Boats-Three Compositions

Took my camera out for a walk yesterday just to see what I could find to shoot. The weather was overcast with distant mist. For some of my shots I would have preferred a bit of sunshine. However, for these shots of these boats I think the overcast skies helped make the colour pop.

I shot 3 different compositions and now I am not sure which one I like best. I really do like all 3. So all 3 shall go here on my blog.


They do seem a bit disused at the moment and in need of a clean.


Don’t think I would want to venture out in one of these.


A view from the other side.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Last Spring

I finally upgraded to Lightroom 5 this last week. So I have been testing it out. I need to find some tutorials to get the best from this software as I am sure I am missing out on some good information. Anyway I had to try it out after upgrading from Lightroom 4 so used some of last years spring shots that I never got around to processing.


I just love little ducklings and goslings. This is an Egyptian Gosling. He/She sure looks determined.

The Glory of Spring

Fabulous spring blossoms. I am ready for these and warm sunshine filled days.


This is one of those shots that I thought would be interesting. I posted this on google+ for unsharpsaturday.


A little robin.


Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK. So wishing all mother’s across the world a Happy Day! Used the oil paint filter in Photoshop on this.