Saturday, 9 May 2015

Just a post of some recent work

Hello bloggers!! Or to anyone who reads this these day which I don’t think is a lot of people. I didn’t get a chance to do a post last weekend. Kept meaning too just never got around to getting it done.

Some of the places I have been out too with my camera recently has been Bushy Park and Kew Gardens.

Walking Paths of Bushy Park

These were shot in Bushy Park, the woodland gardens were beautiful.


Pagoda Japanese Garden

The Pagoda and Japanese Garden at Kew Gardens

Green Leaves of Spring

Fresh spring green leaves

Lillacs Peaking Through

Lilacs and I am not sure what these little yellow flowers are but I used a tree to frame them for this shot.

Small Yellow Bloom HFF

The little yellow flower was shot some time ago. I just adore doors, entrances and then the fence too adds to this shot.


I am posting on a regular basis to flickr and 500px with occasional shares on google+.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Old Photos-New Love or Its the Cats Meow

Last week I read a blog post, can’t recall what blog etc, but I remember it was about processing techniques and how they have changed from years ago. In the blog post a photographer re-processed an old photo. I thought hmm, I like that idea. So I have been scouring my images for some long forgotten photos.

I found these images I took of my Sister’s cats. Now these cats have since departed this world. I went with black and white for these as I preferred that to the colour version. These were taken not long after getting my first Nikon, which was a D50. I have since learned a LOT about photography and processing techniques.








I will keep digging through my archives and trying this again with some long forgotten images.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Weekly Update

Time to catch up with some more of my recent work that I have shared elsewhere across the web. This week saw me get out to Syon Park Gardens. So a few of these shots are from there.

Freshness of Spring

This is a view across the lake at Syon Park Gardens. All that lovely green.

Blossoms in Black and White

Tried my hand at some black and white processing for a different look to a blossom shot.

Crab Apple Blossom

Crab apple blossoms growing on the side of the tree.

Pretty in Pink

Pink dreamy blossoms

In the Middle Loaded

2 more blossom shots one on the left was shot at Kew Gardens, On the right at Syon Park Gardens.

Under a Magnolia Tree

Looking up under a magnolia tree.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Springtime and No Time

Spring has sprung for sure and I have been enjoying learning the ins and outs of my new camera by shooting all the beautiful blossoms and other things that are now blooming. I have been sharing my images on flickr and 500px. But, I am finding it difficult to fit blogging into it all as well. I might try to do weekly updates on the weekends that seem to work for me last year.

Here is a selection of my recent work.


I was on the hunt for the dogwood blooms at Kew Gardens this week and I found them. Although I think I should have hunted them up the previous week during my visit as these were looking somewhat old but still beautiful.

Dogwood2 Tree Flowers

Another composition of a dogwood bloom and some glorious white blossoms. Cherry maybe?

Colours of Spring

Looking up at both white and pink blossoms.

Monkey Puzzle Magnolias

The image on the left is a close up shot of the Monkey Puzzle tree that resides in Kew Gardens. When I saw the light I knew I wanted to get this shot and also that I wanted it to be processed in black and white. I am pleased with the result. Image on the left is some beautiful magnolia blooms.

White Blossoms

Abundance of white blossoms on this tree.

Macro Forest

Close up shot of some moss with water droplets.

Narcissus Pulsatilla

Small Narcissus blooms and a Pulsatilla

Spring Green

Fresh spring leaves have such grand colour.

I will try to do another post next weekend with some more recent work.