Sunday, 24 August 2014

Seeking Autumn Inspiration

As I have posted many times on my blog this year I have truly lacked photography mojo of late. So I go in spurts of shooting a lot to shooting nothing. Add to that midsummer slump, I always am lacking in midsummer just cannot seem to find too much inspiration. But here we are approaching autumn and I for one am looking forward to the changing of seasons. To get myself psyched up for what is to come I started looking for inspiration on pinterest, which was all well and good BUT then I thought why not revisit my autumn images from last year as I know I shot way more than I got around to sharing. I discovered quite a few shots that I didn’t get around to processing or sharing. Actually I came up with more than I like to post at one time so will be back with another post of Autumn soon.

Autumn Insp 03

Autumn Insp 2

Autumn Insp 6

Autumn Insp 02

Autumn Insp 1

Autumn Insp 4

Autumn Insp 3

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Back on Instagram–My Top Faves

Got a new phone a few days ago and I am back on Instagram. My old phone could no longer cope with taking photos etc. I also decided to download my entire Instagram library for archiving. Then thought of doing a post of my favourites. That turned into a top 40 (which is actually 39 as it looked better on the blog) out of the 345 I have shared on Instagram since April 2012.

So here they are in no particular order.


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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Time to Re-Visit Old Shots

From time to time I like to go through my images that I bypass on the first time around to see what gems may be hiding in the crowd. I wasn’t disappointed either as I found these images that I have always liked but just left sitting on the PC doing nothing but taking up space. Of course I haven’t shot anything new for the last week or so and hoping to get out with the camera soon. So what else was I to do but take a tour through my files. Do you ever re-visit old shots and let them out to play?



Boats on the River Thames


More boats on the River Thames ~some Photoshop fun with this~


Foggy lake reflection


Windsor Castle detail in the fog.


Snow from 2012 winter


Chiswick House